Friday, 27 December 2013

Interesting way to finish edges on small quilts.

From Marti Michell Quilting Blog: Fabulous Edge Finish -- Our No Binding, No Bulk Finish
I had a go at trying this idea which uses an adhesive strip to hold the backing (facing) in place and can report that it does work quite well. I used a tape designed for holding hems that someone gave me and so long as you don't stitch through it (it gums up the needle alarmingly) it's not a bad idea. The quiltlet I finished with this method is posted next.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Tree in Autumn

Tree in Autumn
Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, mostly cottons. "Pillowcase" facing and back made before quilting.  All made on the sewing machine
The orange fabric below was made with rust-dyes resisted with copper pennies.
Approximately 16 by 14 inches, 40 by 35 cm

Friday, 8 November 2013

Weave and stitch

Here is a picture of my piece for the Contemporary Group Suitcase collection. The theme is "All in a Day's Work". This is what I wrote about it to go with my submission:

I made my piece to reference the daily efforts of women including myself to use woven textiles and stitch in their homes to provide a warm and safe environment for their family.

Woollen blanket scraps, some mended, backed with linen and stitched with old linen and silk threads as well as cottons. One piece of old grey blanket bears the eyelet as witness to its wartime use as a door curtain. There are buttons from my grandmother’s button box and these include a uniform fly button and liberty bodice buttons. I have added scraps of hand dyed blanket and coloured cotton.