Tuesday, 18 July 2017

what do we want from BATS?

ive thought a lot about what i want since helen first asked this question and come up with some ideas:

  • to really identify my priorities in my work.
  • to take myself more seriously as a textile artist and explore aspects of my work in depth.
  • to have my attention brought to exhibitions and bring others attention to exhibitions, maybe paired or group visits, local or further afield eg smiths row, national centre for design and craft, london and beyond
  • be encouraged to submit work for exhibition.
  • to try working in series.
  • to respond to a theme and be interested in others responses to the same theme.
  • to development my critical awareness of placement, colour, tone.
  • to be disciplined and study one of the many workbooks i have bought over the years.

ive remembered an exercise i once did from 'finding your own visual language' by claire benn and lesley morgan, p45 offers a checklist of principles and tools of composition, this is an area i struggle with. i found it helpful to evaluate my own work using these tools and make decisions about possible changes leading to improvements or further inspiration. 

i think it could be an interesting session to bring pieces of unfinished work, something perhaps we are unsure about where to go next and to spend some time using these principles and tools for ourselves. alongside this we could explore techniques of how to deliver constructive criticism to ourselves, about our own work and share our experiences with others.

developing a critical language of our own would help us if we then agreed to move towards offering constructive criticism of others' work.  

forgive me if i am trying to teach grandmothers to suck eggs, i understand several of us are already well established textile artists. if we decided to have such a session, i would not see myself as leading it, merely offering up copies of the tools for use. 

location wise, whilst it is very convenient and wonderful to benefit from the use of helens studio, i do think there are village halls that we could explore that would give us more independence when helens studio is not available. we would need to discuss a possible location before approaching any.
Tina Potter

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