Saturday, 16 September 2017

Metaphorical Moving

I have moved a long way since our meeting. It was good to be in creative company, thank you everyone. I wonder how many of us are in this blog and whether we will use it as our keeping in touch. I do hope so. 

I sat down on Tuesday evening with a sketchbook and played with the notion of 'light'. I wrote a lot. I thought a lot. I researched for a long time. I concluded that I don't understand why, when light is SO important to me, I am going to a land of darkness. 

The Orkney Islands are 59 degrees North. The Arctic Circle is 66 degrees North, above which the sun does not rise for 67 days mid winter. I am going into a winter of grey. My research took me into thinking about degrees North and hours of sunlight and i came up with a design based on 90 strips of fabric grading upwards from 12 hours of day being light at the equator but dark at the north pole. I decided my 'line' would be a penumbra though rather than straight. I did not think colour but def blues and creams rather than black and white. Hanging mirrors in my conservatory caught my attention and I decided I MUST add light to the darkness so suspended these in front of it.

I will not progress with this piece for now but it was useful thinking. Why will I not make it? Because I would need to be in my sewing room with bags and tubs of scrap fabrics to chop and change so the colour-ways sit easily for me but instead I must pack something somewhat contained. I will stitch while way but need to take a manageable project. 

The stitching group I will be joining are working on sampler quilts this term. Hmm not me. I had already decided that I could make a quilt tho, to try to fit in a bit and thought I might try quilt as you go so I have smaller pieces to manage. My theme would be sea and sky and I could use many samples I have made over the years. 

I sorted and laid out random pieces and was pleased with the chaos and the colours of the northern lights dancing around although it needed direction. Stitching this disorder using quilt as you go though was not manageable and I decided I must introduce order and rationalise colourways.

That was immediately before we met and agreed light as a theme. I pondered on my light design and decided to try to order my pieces from dark to light. There followed a series of experiments with a gradual trimming, removal of colour and conflicting lines such that I seem to have ended with blues, few northern lights and little grey. 

I find myself stuck. I am procrastinating. I enjoyed something about the discordant nature of my initial chaos but confess the largely blue sits more easily on the eye. 

Perhaps I need to abandon the idea of quilt as you go, which has been limiting my sizing and placement, and just strew them out again, a bit more random but removing the purple but putting back the sun. 

Hmmm, this seems to work better...

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