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October Meeting Notes

BATS October Notes
Workshop Session at Mettingham Village Hall 10 October 2017.

Present:- Annette Watson Birgit Jones Dee Nicholson, Helen Durrant

On holiday…


Not currently attending

Dee explained that she was acting as Treasurer for the group. She asked that members of the group took it in turns to take notes or provide a report on a meeting

There is a notice about the group on the contemporary quilt web site and Magazine

Terry has spoken about artist’s liability cover. Dee had already investigated public liability insurance for BATs. She noted the hall had public liability insurance and would check with them to what extent we as users were covered. Dee will investigate with the Quilters Guild and Helen D will find out to what extent Embroiderers’ Guild members are covered

There was a brief discussion of numbers of attendees, future venues and costs. There was brief talk of the possibility of house meetings

We considered a trip to the Sainsbury Centre

Annette showed her woad scarf and a woad died stitched piece she intended to quilt.

She showed a white on white piece depicting Orchids and twigs in large brandy glass flower arrangement by Tor Gunderson ( She spoke about flowers as a source of inspiration especially from close observation for example the colours in a delphinium

She discussed her ideas for the light and dark theme based on seaside and coastal images at dawn or dusk. She showed some interesting fabrics, which might be used to interpret light and dark. She worked on her Woad stitched piece using machine stitched echo quilting

Dee showed stitched a dyed indigo dark circle piece ( which she had completed at a Jane Calendar workshop) and her recent work of a similar woad circle. She discussed if these should be worked together or as separate pieces.

She showed her exploration of dyed textured fabrics e.g. hemp and velvet and knitted fabric.
She showed work from a screen-printing workshop (with Jackie Linney) printing on plain fabric and a pre-dyed cloth.

She showed he pieces from the recent summer school on the theme of trees with Jean Littlejohn  and Jam Beany

She showed 4 square quilts from her French quilt group. These were a two-person project where the first person makes a square for the second to incorporate into a final piece. Dee felt the bold colours were typically French. In the future she thought we might like to consider joint or shared project ideas.

She worked on hand stitch

Showed her indigo and woad fabrics, which had been very successful, and her yarn, which had taken, colour well. She had dyed a selection of ropes from light to dark and these were very effective.

She was asked about the “broderie anglaise” fabric dress she had dyed. She had expected the stitched parts to take up the dye less well but the thread was now very dark and it had worked well.

She showed a hand-felted piece, which she worked on with hand stitch.

Helen D.
Showed her indigo pieces from the first dye session at Dees. She showed her pieces from the recent summer school on the theme of trees with Jean Littlejohn and Jan Beany.

She showed images of staircases for a project on the interior of Felbrigg and took advice on design and construction ideas. Annette recommended Whittington’s  on the Sweetbriar estate in Norwich for useful materials such as wire

She was also working on a small chain stitch challenge and considered the different kinds of chain stitch she could use. Could the design be inspired by light and dark?

She brought some inks for the group to experiment with. She had kebab sticks for drawing with and Dee had glue spreaders.
We experimented with ink on Paper. Dee and Helen experimented with using inks on small pieces of Calico. There was a discussion of Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks

Helen worked on her woad and indigo dyed thread in the afternoon

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  1. Thanks for this Dee i was sorry to miss this session, but I had a great time away, where the sun was warm and the hours of day and night almost equal.


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